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About a year ago I decided to start this blog and it has been hugely beneficial, allowing me to record my experiences, network with others, and develop my understandings of Contemporary art forms. In addition, it has helped to demonstrate my written skills and I have had a few peices of writing published. I have become a contributing writer for ‘this is tomorrow’ which has been a fantastic opportunity to improve my writing and visit exciting exhibitions.


Please see my reviews for ‘this is tomorrow’ below…

9th July 2013- Mike Kelley: Mobile Homestead Videos

27th August 2013- Aquatopia


Also, I used to study Art History at University of Nottingham. Recently I have got back in touch with my old tutors and they have been really supportive of my work; especially ‘A Walk Through the Underworld.’ It was a real privilage when they asked my to contribute to their alumni blog.


30th July 2013- An Alumni’s Guide to Nottingham’s Arts Scene


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